Simplicity and versatility

The little one in the family.

Imagine all these features on your own device! uReaderFMS is the ideal complement to your GPS. It provides real-time vehicle information in a secure, standardized way with no need for a FMS interface to be installed in the vehicle. It is non-intrusive and does not alter the vehicle warranty in any way. It gives you all the parameters available on the vehicle’s CANbus or J1708. 

uReaderFMS allows integrators to develop new strategies for fuel savings and driving habits improvement with their existing fleet management solutions. It is automagical and works with the same configuration on all types of vehicles, detecting make, model, speed and bus polarity automatically. In essence, it makes your life easier.

From the third generation, uReaderFMS also allows the integration of remote downloading for digital tachographs, thermographs, reefers and other peripherals in a simple way.

A device, a world of possibilities

uReaderGPS is the most competitive and modern vehicle fleet management device on the market. With a single device you get a global vehicle management, remotely and in real time: tachograph Remote Download, Communications and Global Positioning, complete connection to the tachograph, thermograph and reefer connection, digital inputs and outputs, hands-free Audio, probes and identification, RS232 external interfaces, CANbus and 1-wire; which expands it’s telematic possibilities to the maximum.

Same as uReaderFMS does, uReaderGPS provides real-time vehicle information in a secure and standard way with no need for a FMS interface to be installed in the vehicle. uReaderGPS does not alter the vehicle warranty in any way. It can be integrated using scripts or through the iGestion platform through a complete API/REST.

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