System iTac

A perfect combination of devices and services.

A bit of history

System iTac is everything, it’s uReader & iGestion. The combination of all our technology. We find the origin of the word iTac at the beginning of our days as Intendia, when we were mainly focused on tachograph. iTac  literally means “Intendia Tachograph” as an example of our constant effort to make things simple. Our first device, in fact, was called iTac, as many might remember. Then it was succeeded by the uReader family, though some still call iTac all our devices.

This combination is simple and robust, easy to integrate, accessible from anywhere. As a user, you’ll find it intuitive and accessible. As an integrator, you’ll find it solid, adaptable and integrable. As an installer, the process will be simple and fast thanks to good testing tools which guarantee the success of the work. For everyone, it’s an indispensable tool which will save valuable time.

iGestion plattform


No matter the fleet size, there's a module for every need.

Our business is based on modules. Each module adds a service to the platform and is available for all vehicles in the fleet that support the new functionality. 

We make available for every company essential services such as remote download for digital tachograph and driver card, contactless CANbus data reading for consumption and efficiency control, global communications and positioning, connection to thermograph, reefer and temperature probes for proactive cold chain management, telemetry and compatibility with most on-board systems and much more. For more information download our brochure.

Remote download
Driving time
Tachograph infringements
Location & tracking
Reports, fuel efficiency, CANBus
Cold Chain Control
Maintenance management
Geofences, alerts, resources

Integration and customization

Our products and services are aimed at integrators and we offer a complete API for a perfect fit on your company.

Regardless of whether you already use a data analysis application or ERP, System iTac adapts to your fleet needs. In addition, our system supports the following applications:

More information?

We give you support from the very first moment. Making sure everything goes on wheels. We work every day to make you feel confident about Intendia team. We are always there to solve your concerns.