Tachograph and legislation

A tachograph is a control device which is installed on board certain vehicles, to display and record automatically or semi-automatically, data related to vehicle; such as travelled kilometres and speed, as well as the activity and rest times of drivers.

Penalties related to improper use, manipulation, falsification or lack of both the tachographs and any other element required by law for the correct operation and administration of the tachographs may range from 200€ to 6000€. Because of this, it’s important to know the law in order to avoid this type of penalties and make correct use of all tachograph related elements. It’s important to take into account the Commission’s report on the analysis of penalties for serious infringements of the social rules in road transportation, as laid down in the legislation of the Member States.

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Digital tachograph cards

Tachograph cards are used to indicate to the tachograph the identity of the holder and allow data transfer and storage. There are four types of cards: driver card; company card; control card and workshop card.

Driver card identifies individual drivers and indicates their personal and activity data to the tachograph. These are personal cards and valid for five years.

Company card is issued to holders or lessees of vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph. It identifies the company and enables the information stored in the recording equipment(s) installed in the company’s vehicles to be displayed, transferred and printed.

It is the tachograph card issued by the competent authority to staff of the Road Transport Inspectorate or other control agents and law enforcement agencies responsible for monitoring and controlling road transport. It identifies the control officer and the body to which it belongs and allows access to the information stored in the data memory of the digital tachograph or in the driver cards for reading, printing or downloading.

It is a card issued by the competent authority to a manufacturer of digital tachographs, to an installer, to a vehicle manufacturer or to a centre, duly authorised. It identifies the holder and allows either testing and activation or testing, activation, calibration and data transfer to the digital tachograph.

Tachograph card ownership compatibility
The holder of the driver card may:

be a holder of one or more company cards, but shall not be a workshop or control card holder.

The holder of the company card may:

be a driver card holder, but shall not be a workshop or control card holder.

The holder of the workshop card may:

not be the holder of a driver card, a company card or a control card.

The holder of the control card may:

not be holder of a driver card, a company card or a workshop card.

Remote download for tachograph

Intendia offers an innovative service for remote download of digital tachograph data and driver´s card data through the system known as iTac.

Allows download of data without the need of driver intervention. The managers of these data may choose to perform their downloads at any time or for a regular and automated download, always respecting the technical and legal requirements setted by the European Union.

Remember there are tasks you must still take care of. Such as adjusting the tachograph lock when you purchase a new vehicle, downloading vehicle data before selling it, or downloading drivers data whenever they go on holiday or cease their activity at the company. The system will help you remember these tasks by displaying warnings when needed, but under certain conditions it is not possible to anticipate. With very little effort, you will only receive warnings when it is really necessary.

Remote download advantages

System iTac guarantees the timely download of tachograph and driver card data.
The best guarantee against carelessness which can lead to penalties of up to 6,000 euros.

Significant time and cost savings: no more regular manual downloading of information for each vehicle. The company card will always be in your office.

 Deadlines guarantee
 Penalties decrease
 Time and costs
 Avoid forgetting

Deadlines guarantee

Penalties decrease

Time and costs

Avoid forgetting

Transfer process

1. Connection

tachograph remains permanently connected and available for your requests.

2. Authentication

Authentication is carried out between the Company card and the tachograph when needed.

3. Tachograph download

Files are downloaded between the tachograph and the uReader and stored securely.

4. Transfer

The data is encrypted and transferred to iGestion for safekeeping.

5. Local download

Files are available for download or analysis.

Download process takes between 5 and 50 minutes depending on the tachograph model and the downloaded period. A first download will always take longer than subsequent downloads.

Company card is only used during Authentication (2). This process is fast, less than a minute. This means the card is immediately available for use by another vehicle. Hundreds of vehicles can be downloaded with a single card.

Having more than a company card with different expiration dates helps to keep downloading even if one of them has expired. The system will alert you before the expiry date.

In large fleets, keeping at least one card per base connected to the reader is useful. If you need to use or renew it, the system will use the other cards to keep on downloading.

uReader + Tachograph
Company card

Company card connection

There are several possible scenarios for connecting a company card: Vehicle onboard, inserted in a computer in the company office or connected to a cluster belonging to a third party agency. Each of these possibilities is explained below:

On board

In small fleets where it is not possible to leave the card in the office, the card can be connected to one of the vehicles of the fleet using an on-board card reader and the entire fleet can be downloaded remotely. The reader can be installed in a hidden way and leave the card always connected.


The most common system is to leave the company card in a reader connected to a PC which is kept on and connected. In addition, the card reader can be used for driver downloads, which is very necessary when a driver stops his activity for holidays or any other reason.


In particular cases where an intermediary takes over the management of files and cards, it is possible to install a cluster of cards to connect hundreds of them at the same time. It is possible to build a cluster with specific devices or simply connecting many card readers through USB hubs (only in Linux systems).

It’s recommended at least one company card always remains connected. If a fleet only works on a particular schedule, you may leave the card connected only on that schedule. Driver cards can only be downloaded when the driver is in the vehicle, has inserted the card and the company card is connected.

System iTac features

The added value of remote downloading

What you're losing if you don't have our remote download system in your fleet.
1 h
1 h
Non productive
1 h
Mejora el rendimiento y productividad de tu flota.
Increased frequency
of downloads

*.- Check if your tachographs support remote download below, on Compatibility section.


It’s important to know if the tachographs in your fleet are compatible with remote data download system. For this purpose, there are different options depending on the brand of your tachographs. Below you will find the information you need to check about this compatibility.


If you have downloaded files from your tachograph, upload them to our DTCOcheck tool to confirm your tacograph compatibility. Just use the following link:

For these tachographs there’s nota an instant system to find out about remote download compatibility (RDL). Only version 1.3 and higher can support RDL. Introduce the model number of the tachograph in Online DTCO RDL check tool to confirm your tacograph compatibility. The model number (“1381-“) can be found in the sticker inside the printer compartment or in the tacograph ticket.

Tachograph ticket

Printer ID*

*To access the tacograph sticker you have to open the printer and remove the paper roll.

All models since version (revision) 7 support Remote Download (RDL). An easy way to find out is by checking the keyboard symbols. OK rule:  if there is an OK button then it supports RDL:

DOES NOT support RDL

All tachograph models which include the word “Remote” or its reference is greater or equal to 921872, will support Remote Download (RDL). This information is visible on the sticker of the tachograph. To access the tacograph sticker you need to remove the tachograph and look on both sides.

EFAS tachographs support remote download since EFAS-4 (SW 2.00-2.15) and higher. This information can be found on your tachograph label, placed in the lower side of the device or printing a ticket, similar to the following representation:

Conciliación y complementos

Cómo gestionar todo el sistema de descarga remota

El centro de control de sus descargas se llama wIntendia. Desde esta aplicación desarrollada para funcionar en Microsoft Windows se gestiona y configura todo el sistema iTac.


Tarjeta de empresa

wIntendia puede utilizar hasta diez tarjetas de empresa. Conecte un lector, introduzca la tarjeta y listo.

Tarjeta de conductor

wIntendia descarga automáticamente tarjetas de conductor al ser detectadas y las guarda como si hubieran sido descargadas en remoto. Todas las descargas quedan centralizadas.

Download de ficheros

El sistema iTac guarda y custodia siempre sus datos, además wIntendia le permite configurar una carpeta en su PC donde se almacenarán todas las descargas.

Upload de ficheros

wIntendia soporta aplicaciones de terceros. Simplemente poniendo su nombre de usuario y contraseña las descargas se envían directamente a su aplicación de análisis de datos. Por defecto wIntendia soporta OPTAC3 y TACONET. wIntendia se integra con el ERP de su negocio.

Configuración del equipo iTac

Los equipos iTac no necesitan ser configurados. Sólo debe seguir un procedimiento muy sencillo: antes de introducir la tarjeta SIM en el iTac debe insertarla en el lector de tarjetas conectado a su PC; wIntendia configura el PIN y sus datos de empresa. Todo listo para empezar a funcionar.

Consulta de vehículos y conductores

wIntendia le permite buscar entre todos los conductores y vehículos de su flota. Puede volver a bajar ficheros, consultar las fechas previstas de descarga, la posición de su vehículo o el conductor que se encuentra en la cabina.


wIntendia genera alertas cuando alguna descarga se pudiera retrasar. Desde la intefaz puede configurar las direcciones de e-mail que serán notificadas si ocurre alguna incidencia.

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